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Finding a Roommate You Can Live With - Apartments - About.com
Many people who don't want to rent an apartment alone aren't sure how to find a roommate they can live with. There are compelling reasons for wanting to live ...
Find a Roommate Fast - Two Types of Websites to Use - Apartments
If you need to find a roommate fast and don't have any leads, several websites have sprouted up that can help renters like you achieve your goal.
Finding a Roommate - Find the Right Roommate Using Online ...
If you want to rent an apartment with a roommate, consider using one of several online roommate-matching services to help you find the right one. Whether you ...
The Roommate - How to Find the Right Roommate
Safety first when searching for a roommate. How the roommate can help to pay your mortgage. Tips for sharing a home with a roommate or renting out a room to  ...
3 Steps to Finding the Perfect Roommate - Apartments - About.com
This shows that having a roommate can be a positive or a negative experience, and it reminds us of two truths when it comes to finding a roommate: Roommates  ...
How to Find a College Roommate - College Life - About.com
Being paired up with a roommate for college can often be one of the more stressful aspects of starting school. After all, you're going to be living with a total ...
Finding a Roommate - Get Past Roommate Candidate Roadblocks
Roadblocks often arise when it comes to roommate candidates that frustrate the process of finding the perfect roommate. Here's some help on how to get past ...
Find Roommates - How to Use Online Roommate-Matching ...
Several renters have succeeded in finding the right roommate through online roommate-matching services. You can, too -- if you keep these pointers in mind.
Finding Roommates in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia
Find services to help you find a roommate in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia. Share a house or apartment in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.
10 Tips for Getting Along With Your College Roommate - College Life
You may have grown up living with lots of siblings, or this may be your first time sharing your living space with someone else. While having a roommate ...
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