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Tips on finding the perfect roommate and handling issues that could threaten a good roommate relationship.
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3 Steps to Finding the Perfect Roommate
Instead of rushing or settling, follow this three-step plan to find the perfect apartment roommate for you.

Who Makes the Best Roommates?
Find out which types of current relationships are most likely to make for good roommate relationships, and which ones may be more challenging.

How to Handle Common Roommate Problems
When you choose to share an apartment with another person, there's a chance that a conflict may arise. Read about common roommate problems and how to handle them.

What to Do About Roommates Who Don't Pay Rent
Many tenants who split rent with roommates think they're okay as long as they pay the landlord their own share of the rent each month. The thinking is that if a roommate comes up short, then only the roommate would be liable to the landlord and possibly face eviction. If this is how you've been thinking, read on.

How to Decide Whether You Should Live With Roommates or Live Alone
If you need help deciding whether having a roommate or living by yourself is best for you, consider the common reasons why people choose one route over the other.

Before You Choose to Live With Roommates
Before you jump on the roommate bandwagon, make sure you're doing it for the right reasons and that it's what you want.

Need a Roommate? Find a Roommate... Fast!
If you need to find a roommate fast and don't have any leads, several websites have sprouted up that can help renters like you achieve your goal.

Overcoming Apartment Fears - Afraid You'll Wind Up With a Bad Roommate?
Gain confidence that you'll find a compatible roommate and enjoy a positive relationship.

How to Find a Roommate You Can Live With
Many people prefer living with a roommate, and indeed there are compelling reasons for doing so. However, if you're not careful, roommates can also create problems.

Find the Right Roommate by Choosing Compatibility Over Likeability
When it comes to finding the right roommate, don't forget that compatibility is more important than likeability.

Don't Let Politics Interfere With a Great Roommate Experience
If you don't share the same political views with your roommate, it could lead to strife. But there's no reason people of different political persuasions can't live together.

When Roommates Disagree About Housekeeping
If you find yourself with a roommate who doesn't see eye-to-eye with you when it comes to neatness, it doesn't have to spell the end of your living arrangement.

How to Deal With a Roommate Who's Messier Than You
If you and your roommate want to stay together and you're both willing to compromise, you can reach an understanding that will let you tolerate each other's differences and, with any luck, enjoy the roommate relationship you signed up for.

How to Deal With a Roommate Who's Neater Than You
If your roommate thinks you're messy and wants you to change, there may be ways to work around your differences.

Find the Right Roommate Using Online Roommate-Matching Services
Whether you already have an apartment or you're just starting to look for one, take your roommate search to the Web by signing up for one of several online roommate-matching services.

How to Use Online Roommate-Matching Services Effectively
Several renters have succeeded in finding the right roommate through online roommate-matching services. You can, too -- if you keep these pointers in mind.

Readers Respond - Using Online Roommate-Matching Services
Readers tell their story about how they found a roommate, the challenges involved, and what they might do differently next time. Add your own!

Get Past Roommate Candidate Roadblocks
Too often, roadblocks arise when it comes to roommate candidates that frustrate the process of finding the perfect roommate. Here's some help on how to get past them.

How to Have Safe and Effective Roommate Candidate Meetings
When you go to meet a roommate candidate, you should be focused on making sure the meeting is effective while prioritizing your personal safety.

Want to Learn More About a Roommate Candidate? Just Ask!
Getting the answers to your questions will help you feel completely comfortable about living with a roommate candidate before you decide to sign a lease.

Avoid Roommate Problems Using Written Roommate Agreements
The time to think about and agree on issues with your roommate is before you sign a lease.

Save Money by Adding a Roommate
Adding a roommate to your apartment may be an attractive option to help you save money because it means having someone else to share the rent, utilities, and other apartment living expenses.

Compromise With Your Roommate on Holiday Decorations
If you find yourself living with a roommate who disagrees with you when it comes to decorating your apartment for the holidays, there's no reason your religious differences should prevent you from compromising.

Readers Respond - Finding the Right Roommate
Readers tell their story about how they found a roommate, the challenges involved, and what they might do differently next time. Add your own!

Readers Respond - Dealing With Difficult Roommates
Readers tell their story about how they dealt with a difficult roommate, resolved disputes, and what they might do differently next time.

How I Found My Roommate
Share your story about how you found a great roommate.

New York Roommate Law FAQ
Read answers to commonly asked questions about how the Roommate Law may apply to your New York rental.

Tips for Communicating Effectively With Your Roommates
Fortunately, you can help ensure a good relationship with your roommate by following some tips for effective communication.

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