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Finding the Right Apartment

Apartment hunting requires time and patience, but also some skill. Read tips on how to find the right apartment, from identifying your wants and needs to conducting a successful search.
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Popular Web Sites for Finding an Apartment in the United States
Find out what online resources are available to help get you to the perfect rental in the United States.

Popular Web Sites for Finding an Apartment in Canada
Find out what online resources are available to help get you to the perfect rental.

Beginner's Guide to Online Apartment Searching
If you've never used the Internet to find an apartment, here's what you need to know to get started.

Apartment Hunting - Separate Wants From Needs to Find the Perfect Apartment
Identifying your wants and needs up front puts you in an ideal position to know if an apartment is right for you when you see it.

How to Decide Between Renting a Studio or a One-Bedroom Apartment
Here's how to decide whether a studio or a one-bedroom apartment is the best solution for you.

How to Find an Apartment in a Certain Building
If you check out a potential neighborhood and come across a building or two that interests you, there are ways you can find out if an apartment is available.

Use iPhone Apps to Find an Apartment
If you have an iPhone or iPod touch, take advantage of the growing number of free and low-cost apps available to help you find an apartment.

How to Decide Between One and Two Bathrooms for Your Apartment
Apartments with two bathrooms offer many benefits, but they also mean more rent. Here's how to decide if a two-bathroom apartment is worth the added expense for you.

How to Decide Which Apartment Floor Is Best for You
There's no right or wrong answer when it comes to which floor is best in an apartment building. You must weigh the factors and decide what's important to you as you go looking for the perfect apartment.

Guarantors FAQ
Read answers to commonly asked questions about guarantors and why you might need one when you're looking to rent an apartment.

Transferring Apartments - What You Need to Know
If your apartment needs have changed but you're happy with your building and neighborhood, then transferring to a different apartment in your building may be the perfect answer for you.

Overcoming Apartment Fears - Afraid You Won't Be Able to Afford Your Rental?
Learn how to find an apartment while keeping fears that you won't be able to afford one in check.

Overcoming Apartment Fears - Afraid Tenant Screening Will Hurt You?
Many apartment hunters are worried that something lurking in a background check will greatly hurt their chances of getting an apartment. Get tips for keeping your cool and staying in control of your apartment search.

Overcoming Apartment Fears - Afraid You Won't Find the Right Apartment?
Learn how you can get out of the dark and feel in control of your apartment search.

Fixed-Term Lease or Month-to-Month Rental Agreement?
The type of rental arrangement you choose is a key component to consider when looking for an apartment.

Find Your Dream Apartment
Here are essential tools, resources, and information that will help you find an apartment you can happily and proudly call home.

When to Negotiate Rent With a New Landlord
Although it probably never hurts to try talking a landlord into lowering the rent, there are certain situations in which you're most likely to be successful.

How to Find the Right Apartment Without the Stress
For your apartment search to be as effective as possible, you need to try your best to keep stress out of the picture. Fortunately, this isn't as tough as it sounds.

Watch Informative Videos to Help With Your Apartment Search
Here's a rundown of available videos on apartment search basics, along with links, where applicable, to closely related articles on the About.com Apartment Living / Rental site.

What to Consider Before You Sign an Apartment Lease
Avoid putting yourself in a difficult position by taking a moment to go over top considerations for renters before lease signing.

Ask About Apartment Decor Limitations Before Signing a Lease
When decorating a rental, the last thing you want is to discover decorating limits that you didn't anticipate when you signed your apartment lease.

Find a Rental
Resources to help you find an apartment that's right for you

Don't Let Your Landlord Tell You Where Your Kids Should Sleep
As long as your bedroom-sharing plans don't violate occupancy requirements, your landlord should have no right to tell you that your children can't share a room with you -- or each other.

How to Find an Accessible Apartment Online
If you've got a physical disability and need an apartment with accessible features, take advantage of Web resources so you can run an efficient search.

Apartment Hunting Based on Walkability
If you value walkability, find out how a free online resource can help you find a walker-friendly apartment.

Apartment Hunting Based on Commuting
If a reasonable commute to work is important to you, use free online tools to help factor commuting time into your apartment search.

Readers Respond - Finding an Apartment
Readers tell their story about how they found an apartment, the challenges involved, and what they might do differently next time.

Readers Respond - Making Apartment Search Decisions
Readers share their advice about how to make decisions about your wants and needs when conducting an apartment search.

Readers Respond - Apartment Search Organization
Readers share their advice about how they stayed organized when conducting an apartment search.

Readers Respond - Handling Apartment Search Frustration
Readers share their advice about how they stayed focused and handled feelings of frustration and discouragement when conducting an apartment search.

Readers Respond - Negotiating Rent
Readers tell their story about how they negotiated a lower rent on an apartment, the challenges involved, and what tips they would offer other renters.

Does Your State Fair Housing Law Have Any Additional Protected Classes?
Many states have their own fair housing law that goes beyond the Fair Housing Act, offering protection to a wide range of people who wouldn't have a claim under federal law.

How I Found My Apartment
Share your story about how you found the right apartment.

How to Comply With a Landlord's Request for a Letter of Employment
Many landlords ask prospective tenants for a letter of employment. Here's how to get such requests handled promptly.

Include a Cover Letter When Submitting Your Letter of Employm…
Taking this small step ensures that a landlord understands she now has the verification she requested from you, and it helps build your image of being a responsible tenant.

Give Sample Letter of Employment to Your Employer
If your employer isn't used to complying with a request for a letter of employment, it can be helpful to give your employer sample language to adapt and use.

Web Sites Offering Online Apartment Listings
Here's a way to find out about some popular apartment search Web sites that you can try to find a rental in the United States or Canada.

Get Free or Low-Cost Rental Advice from a Housing Counselor
HUD sponsors housing counseling agencies throughout the country that provide information and tips for renters. Thanks to this initiative, free or low-cost rental housing advice is just a phone call away.

Avoid Illegal Steering When Looking for an Apartment
Some landlords practice a form of discrimination known as "steering," which refers to when a landlord tries to limit a renter's housing choices by guiding or encouraging the person to look elsewhere, based on a protected characteristic.

Mention Pet at Start of Apartment Search
To find an apartment for you and your pet, be sure to mention your pet at the start of your apartment search. Take two steps to help you streamline your apartment hunting efforts.

Save Time by Searching Multiple Apartment Web Sites at Once
A handy Web service lets you enter your search criteria just once for several popular apartment search sites.

Find Privately Owned Subsidized Apartments at Lower Rents
If you earn below HUD's income limits, you may qualify for apartments at privately owned buildings at lower rents. But how do you find these apartment buildings? Thanks to an online government database, your new home may be just a few mouse clicks away.

Apartment Hunting with a Drug or Alcohol Addiction
If you're an alcoholic or have a drug addiction, you may be concerned that this will cause you problems in your apartment search. Here's what you need to know about how the law protects you.

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Answer Key Questions for an Efficient and Effective Apartment Search
Here's a listing of questions that you should consider before you embark on an apartment search.

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How to Find an Apartment in Washington, D.C.
The capital region is one of the most expensive places to live in the United States, and many areas of the city are changing rapidly. Check out this guide to key considerations and resources to help you with your apartment search.

Best Places to Live - How to Choose the Right Neighborhood
When you're trying to find the perfect apartment, choosing a neighborhood is almost as critical. It needs to be safe and affordable, and it should provide you with everything that you need.

Best Places to Live in America
If you could live anywhere in the United States, which places would you choose that are best for you? Here's how to help you decide where you would love to live.

Deciding Where to Move: Schools
If you have children and you're looking for an apartment in a different neighborhood, research areas to find where the best schools are located.

How to Tell When It's Time to Move
If any of these reasons look familiar to you, it may be time to start looking for a new place to call home.

Apartment Hunting Must-Reads
Check out a rundown of apartment hunting must-reads across the Apartment Living / Rental site, along with links for easy access.

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Use Local Affordability Portal to Determine Apartment and Transportation Costs
HUD offers a cost calculation tool for you to estimate housing and transportation costs at no charge.

What to Do When Parents Try to Control Your Apartment Search
Get some insight into the common reasons why parents try to control their child's apartment search, along with some tips for you can do about it minimize their interference and maintain your sanity.

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