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Watch Informative Videos to Help With Your Apartment Search


There are several articles on the About.com Apartment Living / Rental site aimed at helping you find the perfect apartment, but did you know there are also helpful videos that illustrate important points of apartment hunting basics?

These videos are another way to help you avoid common apartment hunting traps and conduct an effective search.

Here's a rundown of available videos on apartment search basics, along with links, where applicable, to closely related articles on this site.

How to Determine Your Apartment Budget

A budget is like a financial roadmap to show you how you can afford your apartment -- and all the expenses that come with it. This video gives you easy instructions on setting up and maintaining a household budget so you can proceed with your apartment search with financial confidence.

Watch now: How to Determine Your Apartment Budget

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Tips for Creating a Roommate Agreement

Whether you're sharing your place with a friend, relative, or recent stranger, a roommate agreement helps put your casual discussions and promises in writing, which in turn enables you to avoid misunderstandings and arguments. Get some helpful tips for creating a roommate agreement by watching this video.

Watch now: Tips for Creating a Roommate Agreement

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How to Use Brokers to Find an Apartment

Looking for an apartment can be a daunting task. One of the decisions you need to decide is when or how to use a realtor to help you find your next home. This video from About.com will explain how brokers can help you find your next apartment.

Watch now: How to Use Brokers to Find an Apartment

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What Is a Guarantor?

If your financial background isn't enough to qualify you for your dream apartment, your landlord might be willing to give you the keys if you have a guarantor. An apartment guarantor is often a close relative who agrees to accept responsibility for the payment of your rent if, for whatever reason, you can't afford it. Learn more about guarantors in this video.

Watch now: What Is a Guarantor?

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Paperwork Needed for an Apartment Hunt

Preparation is everything. If you learn the paperwork needed for securing an apartment rental, you can speed up the application process and get closer to moving into your dream apartment. This video will help you do just that.

Watch now: Paperwork Needed for an Apartment Hunt

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What to Expect When Signing an Apartment Lease

The moment you sign an apartment lease, you officially become a renter. Just like any other written contract, a lease is binding legal document that can be intimidating if you don't know what to expect. This video aims to give you a better idea of what the lease-signing process is all about.

Watch now: What to Expect When Signing an Apartment Lease

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What Is Renter's Insurance?

If you think your furniture and belongings are protected by your landlord's insurance policy, think again. If you want compensation for personal property that gets damaged or destroyed by a fire or other loss, you'll need to buy a renter's insurance policy. Get more information about this low-cost purchase and why it can give you peace of mind.

Watch now: What Is Renter's Insurance?

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