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Mention Pet at Start of Apartment Search



Tell brokers and landlords about your pet up front.

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Looking for the right apartment can be challenging, but when you're looking for an apartment for you and your pet, your search could get even trickier. Many landlords have a policy of not renting to tenants who have pets, or they impose restrictions on the types of pets you can keep in your apartment.

To find an apartment for you and your pet, you should look in all the usual places, including newspaper listings, on Web sites such as Craigslist, and through a broker. But you should also be sure to mention your pet at the start of your apartment hunting efforts.

Take the following two steps to help you streamline your search for the right apartment for you and your pet:

  1. Tell broker about your pet. If you use a broker, make sure you tell the broker at your initial meeting that you have a pet and that you are only interested in seeing apartments located in pet-friendly buildings. Also tell your broker if you don't have a pet but plan to get one.

  2. Ask up front about pet policy. When responding directly to apartment listings by phone or e-mail, mention your pet and ask the landlord what the policy is. Be sure to bring up your pet in the first conversation you have with a landlord. Even if an advertisement says "Pet-friendly building," it's smart to ask about any restrictions that may apply to your pet.

These steps will help you run an effective search without wasting time looking at apartments that won't meet your requirements. If you're on the same page as landlords when you look for apartments in their buildings, you can apartment-hunt with confidence, without having to worry that Rover or Fifi will become a last-minute dealbreaker.

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