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What It Offers:

Rent.com offers apartment listings on the Web since 2000, originally as Viva.com. Now a part of PRIMEDIA, Inc., Rent.com is "dedicated to giving renters a convenient way to find the perfect place to live and building innovative tools that bring renters and property owners together." Rent.com also offers a $100 Reward Card to qualifying renters who find an apartment through the site.

Where It Covers:

Rent.com includes listings for apartments across the United States.

How to Perform a Basic Search:

Rent.com lets you find an apartment by searching for one directly or browsing based on geographic area.

To perform a search, type the name of a city and state into the search box near the center of the screen. You may also adjust the price range and bedroom number fields, if you wish. Then, enter your e-mail address and click "View the latest listings."

You can also browse apartment listings by state, popular city, college, military base, and more. Select from the many options listed near the bottom of the screen.

How to Perform an Advanced Search:

After you get a page of search results, you can choose the number of bathrooms or click "More Options" (to the right of the search box) to select your pet preference, available amenities, specific neighborhoods, and more.

Helpful Search Tips:

Whether you perform a basic or advanced search, there are some tips you should follow to find what you need more efficiently.

If you know the name of a particular apartment complex but not the address, you can enter it as part of an advanced search after clicking "More Options" (see above).

If you like a listing, save yourself time and convenience by clicking "Save To Favorites." Later, click the "My Rent.com" tab toward the top of the screen and you'll be able to access your favorites, as well as view similar listings that Rent.com recommends.

Viewing Apartment Listings:

The search results include a summary of each relevant apartment listing, based on the parameters you selected.

Click on any summary to view the entire apartment listing. Each listing should include information about available apartment types along with location information (including a map) and a list of features and amenities. Some listings also include items such as floor plans, photos, and other helpful information, if available.

Pursuing Apartment Listings:

Rent.com offers two ways to pursue apartments described in your search result listings.

If an apartment listing interests you, you can call the number included in the listing to inquire.

Or, you can complete a short online inquiry form specific to each listing. Click the "Check Availability" button to start. Include your contact information, the type of apartment you're looking for and your intended move-in date, and then click "Send."

Available Mobile Options:

You can also access Rent.com's listings and use its search engine while on the go from a smartphone or tablet computer.

Visiting Rent.com using a mobile device may default to a mobile version of the site, optimized for your screen. You can toggle between the mobile site and the full site by clicking your preference toward the bottom of the screen.

Rent.com also offers apps for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry. Visit the "Mobile Apps" page for more information on each app.

Related Blog:

Rent.com offers a related blog, called "The Shared Wall," which covers apartment living topics for renters.

To access the blog, click the "Blog" at the bottom of the screen or visit http://www.rent.com/blog/.

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