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Getting the Most out of Your Apartment

Get information, answers, tips, and tricks about how to enjoy your apartment experience and make the most of your space.
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Apartment Living Basics
Learn what every renter should know about apartment living basics.

Tips for Communicating Effectively With Your Landlord
Here are some pointers for effective communication with your landlord.

Important Apartment Decisions and How to Make Them
Here's a rundown on some important decisions you'll need to make when looking for and living in an apartment, as well as tips on how to arrive at decisions that are the right ones for you and your needs.

Tips for Communicating Effectively With Your Roommates
Fortunately, you can help ensure a good relationship with your roommate by following some tips for effective communication.

Tips for Communicating Effectively With Your Neighbors
Here are some top communications tips to maintain or improve your good relations with your apartment neighbors.

Communications Tips to Improve Your Apartment Living
Here are some top communications tips to improve your apartment living.

Communications Tips for Safe Apartment Living
Here are some communications tips to keep in mind that will help increase the likelihood you'll stay safe and avoid crime at your building.

How to Overcome Common Apartment Fears
Fortunately, there are ways you can overcome most apartment-related fears.

Parking Considerations for Apartment Residents
There are certain parking considerations you should keep in mind to help you make the most of your apartment living.

Resolutions for Healthy, Happy Apartment Living
Consider making an "apartment living resolution" to help improve one or more aspects of your tenancy.

Top Apartment Challenges and How to Handle Them
Renters often face difficult situations that pose a threat to their continued enjoyment of their apartment living. Here are tips for handling these situations the smart way.

10 Apartment Living Tricks Every Renter Can Perform
Here are some tricks to enhancing your apartment living that you can perform at little or no cost.

What's an Apartment?
The term "apartment" has taken on two different definitions today.

Explore the About.com Home Channel
A treasure trove of resources related to apartment living awaits you on the About.com Home Channel.

Apartment Glossary
Looking for an apartment? Here are some quick and easy definitions of common apartment-related terms to help you learn the lingo.

Holiday Tipping FAQ: Can It Be Easier?
Find out how to make holiday tipping less stressful.

Holiday Tipping FAQ
Get the answers to frequently asked questions about this potentially awkward end-of-year ritual.

Holiday Tipping FAQ: When Is Best to Tip?
Find out when most people give holiday tips and what you can do if you need to give later.

Holiday Tipping FAQ: Why Should I Tip?
Find out why so many people believe they should tip around the holidays.

Stress-Free Apartment Holiday Tipping
Get guidance to help you tip confidently and remove the guesswork from this potentially awkward aspect of the holiday season.

Get Answers to Parking Questions Before You Sign a Lease
Avoid unexpected problems by getting the answers to key parking questions before you sign your apartment lease.

Investigate Parking Options for Apartment Visitors
Make things easier for your guests by taking time to learn about the parking situation near your apartment.

How to Sign Up for the Apartment Living / Rental Newsletter
Stay on top of the latest information, tips, and resources on apartment living and rental issues from About.com.

Watch Informative Videos to Help With Apartment Living Basics
Here's a rundown of available videos on apartment living basics, along with links, where applicable, to closely related articles on the About.com Apartment Living / Rental site.

Tell Your Apartment Story, Share Your Advice
Every apartment dweller has a story to tell. Here's your chance to enlighten others with your tips, successes, and insight into what you might have done differently.

Living in an Apartment With Children
Learn about how to protect your rights and fulfill your responsibilities as a parent or guardian of children living in an apartment building.

All About Your Apartment Bathroom
Follow tips to help you get the most out of your apartment bathroom.

Apartment Living and the Holiday Season
Follow tips to help you stay safe, minimize stress, and get the most out of the holiday season.

Apartment Living in Spring and Summer
Apartment living in the spring and summer can be very enjoyable. Here are some resources to help you get the most out of your apartment experience during these warmer months.

Apartment Living in Fall and Winter
When fall and winter arrive, it's time to think about keeping your apartment warm without breaking the bank and making sure you and your roommates have a happy, safe holiday season. Here are some tips to help you make the most of these colder months.

Handling Garbage and Recycling in Your Apartment
Here are guidelines to help you determine what type of receptacles you need for your apartment, and where you should put them.

Should You Buy Bath Towels or Bath Sheets?
Find out whether bath towels or bath sheets are best for you by answering two simple questions.

Three Toilet Accessories to Consider for Your Apartment Bathroom
Consider these low-cost toilet accessories to make bathroom visits more convenient both for you and your guests.

Bed Bath & Beyond Coupons FAQ
Read answers to commonly asked questions about Bed Bath & Beyond coupons.

Internet Tips for Happy, Safe Apartment Living
From looking for the perfect rental to enjoying your apartment and protecting your rights as a tenant, the Internet is there to help. Follow these tips to make the most of your apartment experience.

Have Post Office Temporarily Forward Your Mail While You're Away
The U.S. Postal Service offers two options for having your mail forwarded to a different address on a temporary basis while you're away from your apartment. Find out about each one.

Follow Apartment Living / Rental on Twitter
Find out what's new in Apartment Living / Rental by following me on Twitter.

My Worst Apartment Experience
Share your story about an unpleasant or unfortunate apartment experience you've had, and what tips you can offer readers to avoid a similar situation.

Tenant Rights
Read about your rights as an apartment dweller.

My Great Doorman
Share your story about a great doorman that made your apartment experience terrific

Options for Dealing With Your Mail When You Go Away
As an apartment dweller, you have a handful of options when it comes to dealing with your mail when you go away. Which option you choose depends on certain factors.

Have Your Post Office Hold Your Mail When You're Away
Whether you have to leave your apartment for business, pleasure, or even an emergency, make sure your mail stays secure and that you won't be greeted with an overflowing mailbox upon your return by having your post office hold your mail.

Don't Let Your Answering Machine Advertise the Fact You Live Alone
If you live in an apartment without roommates, protect yourself against crime by not advertising the fact you live alone on your outgoing answering machine or voicemail message.

Zero-Cost Ways to Cool Your Apartment and Lower Your Electricity Bill
If your apartment becomes uncomfortable or unbearable when it gets hot outside, there are certain things you can do to help maintain a pleasant environment in your home with no cost to you.

Get Free or Low-Cost Advice from a Housing Counselor
HUD sponsors housing counseling agencies throughout the country that provide information and tips for renters. Thanks to this initiative, free or low-cost rental housing advice is just a phone call away.

Adjust Your Air-Conditioner Settings
Many apartment dwellers don't use all the features of their air-conditioning units. But adjusting settings can let you stay as cool as you need to be while also saving money.

How to Stay Cool in Your Apartment
If you succeed in keeping your apartment as cool as you need it to be, then your home can become your summer oasis.

Start Fresh With a New Shower Curtain
If your apartment comes with a shower curtain, find out why it's probably best to toss it and buy a new shower curtain.

Enjoy Trick-or-Treating When You Live in an Apartment
Trick-or-treating isn't just for kids who live in houses. Here's how to enjoy this Halloween tradition when you live in an apartment.

How to Keep Halloween Trick-or-Treaters Away
If you live in a building where children enjoy trick-or-treating on Halloween but you don't want to participate, here's how to opt out of the revelry with grace.

What to Do if You Won't Be Home on Halloween
Just because you won't be home on Halloween doesn't mean you can't make trick-or-treaters happy when they come to your apartment door.

Houseplants You Can't Kill
Don't like to take care of plants? Read about top low-maintenance houseplants.

How to Make Your Apartment Look and Feel Bigger
If you're decorating for small spaces, some smart planning and careful decor decisions can help you make your apartment look and feel bigger.

Follow Helpful Apartment Living 'How-Tos'
Learn how to take steps to help you make the most of your rental experience.

Tricky Apartment Situations and How to Resolve Them
Find out about the steps you can take to resolve tricky situations you might find yourself in at your apartment building.

Unpleasant Apartment Situations and How to Fix Them
Find out about the steps you can take to remedy unpleasant situations you might find yourself in at your apartment building.

How to Tell When It's Time to Move
If any of these reasons look familiar to you, it may be time to start looking for a new place to call home.

Get the Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on Apartment Living Topics
From guarantors and renter's insurance to security deposits and the low-income housing tax credit program, access helpful sets of FAQs on a range of apartment living topics.

Consider Wall Decor's Secondary Purposes to Get Ideas for Your Apartment Walls
Wall decor often has a purpose other than just decorative. As you endeavor to decorate or redecorate your apartment, keeping these secondary purposes in mind can give you wall decor ideas.

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