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Apartment Living in Spring and Summer

Tips to Enjoy Your Apartment to the Fullest During These Warmer Months


Spring and Summer
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Apartment living in the spring and summer can be very enjoyable. In much of the United States, the weather gets noticeably warmer, inviting many apartment dwellers to spend more time outside.

It's also a popular time for taking vacations. Families with children often plan trips to coincide with their kids' spring break or over the summer when children are between school and their camp or other summer activities. Others take advantage of the milder weather and typically slower pace at work to enjoy traveling.

As temperatures climb in the spring and summer, your air-conditioning needs will also rise. Many apartment dwellers find it challenging to stay cool while keeping their electricity bills under budget.

Here are some resources to help you enjoy your apartment to the fullest during the spring and summer months:

Keeping Cool Indoors

Want to beat the heat without busting your wallet? Check out these tips:

Staying Safe Outdoors

When accompanying kids to the playground in your apartment complex or at a nearby park, here's how to show them a fun, safe time:

When You Go Away

Consider asking your neighbor to collect your mail for you when you go on a trip. And don't be surprised if a neighbor asks you to return the favor. Here's how to make this arrangement work:

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