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All About Your Apartment Bathroom


A bathroom is an essential part of any apartment. Even more so than your kitchen appliances, your bathroom needs to be in working order at all times. Aside from functionality, it also makes for a more pleasant apartment living experience if your bathroom is clean, presentable, and free of pests.

If you're first looking for an apartment, here's how to decide how many bathrooms you'll need. Then, once you settle in, find out how to keep your bathrooms clean, convenient, and looking good at all times.

1. Decide Between One and Two Bathrooms

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When you look for an apartment, one decision you'll need to make is whether you need more than just one bathroom. Also, if you do need more than one bathroom, you must decide if that second bathroom can be just a half-bathroom.

More bathrooms can mean more privacy and convenience, especially if you're sharing your apartment with a roommate. But the more bathrooms you have in your apartment, the higher your rent.

Here's some help on how to decide if a two-bathroom apartment is worth the added expense.

2. Helpful Toilet Accessories for Your Bathroom

Floor around toilet
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There are certain items you should consider purchasing to keep near your toilet after you move into an apartment. These toilet accessories add convenience to your apartment living, they don't cost much, and they can be found in most any store that sells home goods.

Learn more about three inexpensive items to consider keeping on the floor of your apartment's bathroom.

3. Fix a Common Toilet Problem Yourself

Toilet plunger
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Nearly every apartment dweller experiences a clogged toilet that just won't flush properly. But much of the time, you may be able to unclog your toilet without having to involve a plumber or your landlord, thanks to a simple toilet plunger.

Toilet plungers are easy to use, they let you fix a messy problem without having to get too close, and they shouldn't cost you more than five or ten dollars. Here's what you need to know.

4. Replace That Shower Curtain

Shower Curtain
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Many apartments, even unfurnished ones, come with a shower curtain. If your apartment is one of them, you might be tempted to leave it or not even think much of it.

But there are three good reasons why you should consider tossing a free shower curtain and buying a new one.

5. Bath Towels or Bath Sheets?

Bath towels
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Many apartment dwellers prefer "bath sheets" over bath towels when it comes to getting dry after a shower or bath.

Bath sheets are bigger than bath towels and cost more. Answer two quick questions to determine whether using bath sheets is worth the added expense for you.

6. Consider Decorative Toilet Seats

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If you look at your toilet, chances are you'll see a plain white seat made of polypropelene or heavy-duty plastic. Many people overlook their toilet seat when it comes to bathroom decor. But you can consider replacing it with a more decorative toilet seat.

Not only will a decorative toilet seat enhance your bathroom decor, but some themed or whimsical toilet seats may even serve as a conversation piece with guests.

7. Keep Pests Out of Your Bathroom

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Apartment bathrooms can attract mice, cockroaches, ants, and other unwanted pests.

When it comes to pest control, the best strategy to keep pests away is prevention. Find out how you can adopt clean lifestyle habits that will help keep unwanted critters and rodents out of your apartment for good.

8. Handle Bathroom Trash Effectively

Kitchen garbage
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When you move into an apartment, you need to set up appropriate places to put trash and recyclables before discarding them permanently down the hallway or outside your building.

An apartment bathroom is one place that can benefit from a trash receptacle. Use these guidelines to determine what types of receptacles you need for your apartment, and where you should put them.

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