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Your Rights as an Apartment Dweller


You have many rights when it comes to your landlord, your neighbors, and even your roommates. Federal, state, and local laws ensure that you can enjoy your apartment with the comfort of knowing that, for example, your landlord can't evict you just because he feels like it or increase your rent without notice. Knowing as much as you can about your rights helps you stand up for them if you believe they've been violated.
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Your Rights


If you break your lease, do you have to continue paying rent? Can your landlord shut off your utilities in an attempt to get you to move out? What rights do you have when a neighbor drives you crazy with loud music? Find out here.

Housing Discrimination 101

You have the right to enjoy your apartment free from unlawful discrimination by your landlord, property manager, super, doorman, broker, or any other type of housing professional. Read about how fair housing law may protect you and your roommates from discrimination, how to file a claim against your landlord, and much more.

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