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Arkansas Security Deposits FAQ


When you sign a lease for an apartment, your landlord will probably require you to pay a security deposit. Later, when your lease ends and you vacate the apartment, you'll want your security deposit back as soon as possible.

How much a landlord may collect from you as a security deposit varies across the United States. In addition, states have their own laws that regulate how long a landlord may take to return your deposit, whether you're owed interest, and more.

Here are answers to commonly asked questions about security deposits in Arkansas. Do you have a question that isn't addressed here? Please ask.

Q: What's the most an Arkansas landlord can get from a tenant as a security deposit?
A: An Arkansas landlord can require tenants to pay up to two... Read more

Q: How long does an Arkansas landlord have to return a tenant's security deposit?
A: An Arkansas landlord has up to 30 days after the end... Read more

Q: May an Arkansas landlord legally keep some or all of a tenant's security deposit?
A: Yes. An Arkansas landlord may apply some or all of a tenant's security deposit to cover back rent and damages caused by the tenant. If a landlord is... Read more

Q: How can a tenant ensure she gets her security deposit from an Arkansas landlord?
A: A tenant should give the Arkansas landlord a forwarding address for the return of the security deposit and/or an itemized... Read more

Q: What happens if an Arkansas landlord doesn't return the deposit on time?
A: If an Arkansas landlord doesn't send the security deposit within the 30-day period, the landlord must pay... Read more

Q: What happens to unclaimed security deposits?
A: A tenant must forfeit any unclaimed security deposit after... Read more

Q: Is an Arkansas landlord required to keep security deposits in separate accounts?
A: No. Arkansas doesn't require landlords to keep a tenant's security... Read more

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