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Housing Discrimination & Accessibility

The Fair Housing Act makes it illegal for your landlord to treat you differently based on certain characteristics, including race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, and familial status. Your state or local government may offer broader protection. Learn about how the law protects you against discrimination and what you can do if you believe you've become a victim.
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Housing Discrimination Basics
Discover what every tenant should know when it comes to housing discrimination.

How to Pursue a Fair Housing Claim Against Your Landlord
If you decide to proceed with filing a complaint against your landlord or other housing professional with HUD, here are the steps you'll need to take.

Before You File a Fair Housing Claim
Here are issues to consider before you file a fair housing complaint, so that you can make an informed decision about whether you want to proceed.

Does Your State Fair Housing Law Have Any Additional Protected Classes?
Many states have their own fair housing law that goes beyond the Fair Housing Act, offering protection to a wide range of people who wouldn't have a claim under federal law.

Readers Respond - Dealing With Housing Discrimination
Readers Respond - Dealing With Housing Discrimination

Families With Children - Who Qualifies for Familial Status Protection
How to find out if you and your children qualify for protection against familial status discrimination under federal law.

Single People and Fair Housing
Learn what you need to know about how the law affects you if you're single and looking for an apartment.

Overcoming Apartment Fears - Afraid You'll Be Discriminated Against?
Learn how to pursue an apartment search without letting worries about possible discrimination break your confidence.

Do You Qualify for Senior Housing?
Learn what senior housing is and what age you must be to qualify.

Can Children Live in Senior Housing?
Before you begin your senior apartment search, find out what the law says about children and senior housing.

Protected Classes FAQ
Read answers to commonly asked questions about the types of people housing discrimination laws protect.

Which FHEO Office Should You Contact?
If you need to contact the Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO) about a fair housing issue, use this table to find out which of the ten regional offices covers your area.

Your Right to Display Religious Objects in Your Apartment
If religious decor is important to you, you might wonder whether you can feel free to include what you wish on your apartment walls, and whether an attempt by your landlord to restrict such efforts would be considered religious discrimination.

Readers Respond - Displaying Religious Objects
Readers tell their story about how their landlords or apartment staff barred or discouraged them from including religious objects in their apartment decor, and what they did about it.

Avoid Illegal Steering When Looking for an Apartment
Some landlords practice a form of discrimination known as "steering," which refers to when a landlord tries to limit a renter's housing choices by guiding or encouraging the person to look elsewhere, based on a protected characteristic.

Don't Let Your Landlord Tell You Where Your Kids Should Sleep
As long as your bedroom-sharing plans don't violate occupancy requirements, your landlord should have no right to tell you that your children can't share a room with you -- or each other.

How to Know Whether Your Landlord Is Unfairly Discriminating Against Children
Given the law's protection for families with children, you might wonder why so many landlords appear to get away with adopting and enforcing rules that single out children.

Can a Landlord Restrict Children's Behavior in the Hallways?
The key is whether the rule applies to everyone or just attempts to single out children -- both on paper and in practice.

How Fair Housing Law Protects People With Albinism
If you have albinism and you're looking for an apartment or already living in one, find out how federal law protects you against discrimination.

Profile: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Preservation (HUD)
Read about the agency with primary responsibility for enforcing federal housing discrimination laws.

Fair Housing - Equal Opportunity for All
An informative guide to your rights under the Fair Housing Act, published by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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