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Dealing With Your Landlord

Know the rights you have as a tenant and get tips on dealing effectively with your landlord.

Get Results When You Need Something from Your Landlord
If you find yourself needing your landlord's attention, the last thing you want is to wait weeks for a response.

When to Negotiate Rent With a New Landlord
Although it probably never hurts to try talking a landlord into lowering the rent, there are certain situations in which you're most likely to be successful.

Don't Let Your Landlord Get Away With a Self-Help Eviction
Landlords who want to evict a tenant are often anxious to do so. But landlords who ignore eviction laws are engaging in an illegal "self-help eviction."

Overcoming Apartment Fears - Afraid You'll Have Problems With Your Landlord?
Learn how to find an apartment without getting too stressed about the landlord-tenant relationship.

My Terrific Landlord
Share your story about a terrific landlord that made your apartment experience great. View submissions.

Readers Respond - Dealing With Difficult Landlords
Readers tell their story about how they dealt with a difficult landlord, resolved disputes, and what they might do differently next time.

My Eviction Story
Share your story about how you were evicted or threatened with eviction.

How to Comply With a Landlord's Request for a Letter of Employment
Many landlords ask prospective tenants for a letter of employment. Here's how to get such requests handled promptly.

Is Your Landlord Unfairly Discriminating Against Children?
Given the law's protection for families with children, you might wonder why so many landlords appear to get away with adopting and enforcing rules that single out children.

Readers Respond - Dealing With Difficult Neighbors
Readers tell their story about how they dealt with a difficult neighbor, resolved disputes, and what they might do differently next time. Add your own!

How to Pursue a Fair Housing Claim Against Your Landlord
If you decide to proceed with filing a complaint against your landlord or other housing professional with HUD, here are the steps you'll need to take.

Ask Landlord to Fix Faulty Thermostat
If you suspect a problem with your thermostat, ask the landlord to check it out.

Report Bad Landlords in Federal Housing to HUD
If a landlord who gets federal assistance doesn't live up to its obligation to provide safe and decent housing for low-income tenants, HUD wants to know about it.

Pitching a Dog to Your Landlord
Trying to convince your landlord to let you have a dog isn't easy. Here are tips to help you make your case.

How to Be on Good Terms With Your Apartment Landlord
Find out what you need to do when it comes to avoiding problems with your landlord.

Why You Should Be a Good Apartment Tenant
There are many reasons to strive to be a good tenant, and it's probably easier to pull off than you think.

Tips for Communicating Effectively With Your Landlord
Here are some pointers for effective communication with your landlord.

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