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A Fan to Keep You Warm?

This Alternative Use of Your Ceiling Fan Can Save You Money


Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan in an apartment bedroom

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Many apartment dwellers enjoy turning on their ceiling fans in the summer to cool off. But did you know that ceiling fans can also help you keep warm in the winter, saving you a bit off your heating bill?

Check your fan to see if it has a switch at or near the base. Moving this switch changes the direction in which the blades rotate.

During warmer months, you should run your fan in a "forward" (counter-clockwise) direction so that it fans the air, making you feel cool. When it gets cold outside, switch the fan to the "reverse" setting so that it runs in a clockwise direction. This forces cold air upward while pushing the warm air in the room down to you. For optimal effects, set the fan to circulate at a slow speed.

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