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New York City Heat and Hot Water FAQ


If you're renting an apartment in New York City, you can't be left in the cold. All tenants have the right both to an apartment that has heat when it's chilly outside and hot water throughout the year.

Here are answers to commonly asked questions about your landlord's responsibilities when it comes to providing heat and hot water, and what you can do if your landlord isn't fulfilling those responsibilities. Do you have a question that isn't addressed here? Please ask.

Q: When are landlords required to provide hot water to my apartment?
A: Landlords must provide hot water every day of the year -- even during the hottest... Read more

Q: Are landlords required to provide heat to my apartment all year?
A: No. Landlords must provide heat only during "Heat Season," which runs... Read more

Q: What are a landlord's responsibilities when providing heat during Heat Season?
A: During the day (6 a.m. through 10 p.m.), if the outside temperature falls below 55 degrees... Read more

Q: What law governs heat and hot water, and which agency is responsible for enforcing it?
A: The New York City Housing Maintenance Code and the New York State Multiple Dwelling Law outline the requirements for landlords... Read more

Q: What should a tenant do if a landlord isn't providing adequate heat?
A: According to HPD, following are the steps you should take if your heat isn't working properly during Heat Season or your water isn't hot enough throughout... Read more

Q: Do these requirements apply only to apartments in Manhattan?
A: No. These landlord responsibilities for providing heat and hot water apply to rentals... Read more
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