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Control Roaches, Mice, and Other Pest Problems

Protect your apartment from common apartment pests with these tips for prevention and elimination. Keep unwanted guests away!

Mice and Rat Control - Help for the Squeamish
Many renters get grossed out at the thought of having to deal with trapped mice and rat remains. Here are some options.

Keep Pests Away With an Ounce of Clean Prevention
Many people pay attention to mice, cockroaches, ants, and other pests only once they've become a problem. By adopting clean lifestyle habits, you can help keep unwanted critters and rodents out of your apartment for good.

What Types of Mouse Traps Are There?
Which type of mouse trap is the best one to buy? Learn your options and make your own decision.

Help Fight Pests in Common Areas
If you spot a pest problem in these areas, promptly bring it to your landlord's attention.

Take Precautions Seriously When Using Pest Fumigators
If you rush to use a fumigator without taking the right precautions, you may solve your pest problem at the heavy price of health issues and property damage.

Mouse Traps - Should You Use Snap Traps?
The snap trap has been the most popular type of mouse trap for over a century.

Mouse Traps - Should You Use Electronic Traps?
Electronic traps kill mice by delivering a high voltage shock.

Mouse Traps - Should You Use Live Traps?
You use a live trap to capture a mouse in your apartment and then release it outside.

Mouse Traps - Should You Use Glue Traps?
Glue traps work by capturing a mouse after it steps onto a sticky board or tray.

Watch Informative Videos to Help Keep Your Apartment Clean and Safe
Here's a rundown of available videos on keeping your apartment clean and safe, along with links, where applicable, to closely related articles on the About.com Apartment Living / Rental site.

Bedbug Registry Profile
Information about Bedbugregistry.com, a free online service to discover and report bedbug infestations.

How to Kill Bed Bugs
Learn some tips on how to avoid and kill bed bugs by understanding their habits.

Keep Rodents Out of Your Apartment
Learn how you can keep mice and other rodents from taking up residence in your apartment.

How to Get Rid of Rats
Read how to catch rats through non-toxic methods, and why some methods, such as snap traps, are not effective.

Guide to Cockroaches
Check out this informative guide from the National Pest Management Association that can help you determine if you have a roach problem.

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