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When Handling or Even Viewing a Dead Rodent Isn't an Option



There are ways to control mice and rats even if you're squeamish.

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As much as you might want mice or rats out of your apartment, does the thought of disposing of a dead rodent make you squirm? You're not alone. Many renters get grossed out at the thought of having to deal with trapped remains, and not everyone has a roommate, neighbor, or friend who's available or willing to help.

Fortunately, the squeamish have some options:

  • Electronic and other covered traps. Electronic traps are an effective option for trapping mice and rats without having to view the remains. When a mouse or rat gets caught in these traps, it stays in a contained, out-of-sight area. A light or other indicator on the trap lets you know that it worked. To dispose of the rodent, you hold the open end of the trap over your trash.

    Some manufacturers make traditional (non-electronic) snap traps that are covered to prevent viewing. These traps are usually intended for use only with mice, as they're too small to be effective against rats. For example, D-CON Rodenticides makes a "No View, No Touch" trap that gets thrown away with the mouse inside, ensuring you'll never see any mouse you catch.

  • Baits. When you use snap traps, you normally lure rodents to them by placing baits such as peanut butter or cheese in the traps. But you can purchase special baits that are meant to be used alone. When mice or rats take these baits, they then leave to die outside your apartment.

    Baiting by itself can be an effective strategy for dealing with a mouse or rat problem without having to handle or even view the remains. You can buy baits in pellet form (larger pellets for rats) that you put on a tray, or you can find baits that come in special pouches or packs that rodents chew through.

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