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What The Bedbug Registry Offers:

The Bedbug Registry is a website (www.bedbugregistry.com) that offers a searchable database of bedbug infestations in apartment buildings, as well as hotels.

The Bedbug Registry's Geographic Reach:

The Bedbug Registry's database covers locations across the United States and Canada.

How The Bedbug Registry Can Help Apartment Dwellers:

If you're looking to rent an apartment, you can search The Bedbug Registry to see if there are any reported infestations in the neighborhoods that interest you. If you're considering renting an apartment in a particular building, you can run a check on that building by entering its address.

Searching The Bedbug Registry:

On the main page, type in the address for a specific building. Or, to search for all reports in a more general location, just type in the name of the city and state and click "Check Address." Click on a result to view the reports associated with that location. A map conveniently appears to the right of the reports.

Adding Your Own Reports of Bedbug Infestations:

First, search for reports at the address in question. View any reports already entered for the address, and then click "Report Bedbugs At This Location" and complete the form to add your own report.

What It Costs:

The Bedbug Registry offers its database for free. You can search for reports of bedbug infestations and add your own reports at no charge.

Setting Up Alerts:

You can set up one or more alerts by entering a street address or ZIP code along with your e-mail address. The Bedbug Registry will then notify you each week if any new infestations reports are posted regarding locations within a mile of the ones you entered. You can unsubscribe from the alerts at any time. Setting up alerts means you don't have to keep returning to the site to search for infestations at a certain location.

What to Keep in Mind When Adding Reports of Bedbug Infestations:

The Bedbug Registry may edit reports that contain abusive or off-topic language, advertisements, and potentially libelous content. To avoid trouble and help ensure the accuracy of The Bedbug Registry, only make reports that are truthful.
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