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Take Precautions Seriously When Using Pest Fumigators

Don't Put Your Health and Property at Risk


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You've had it up to here with roaches, ants, or other unwanted critters and it's time to take action. So, you stop at a store to pick up a fumigator (also known as a fogger or roach bomb), and now you're ready to do battle.

Not so fast! Fumigators, which fill a room while seeping into cracks and even carpet fibers, can be powerful weapons in the war on pests. But you should take a moment to read the precautions on your fumigator carefully, and then follow them strictly.

If you rush to use a fumigator without taking the right precautions, you may solve your pest problem at the heavy price of health issues and property damage.

Be smart and play it safe by following these precautions when using a fumigator:

  • Use only one fumigator per room.

  • Don't use a fumigator in small, enclosed spaces such as a cabinet or under a counter or table.

  • Arrange to remove all pets (including birds) from your apartment (perhaps to a neighbor's apartment).

  • Keep doors and windows closed during fumigation.

  • Cover all foods, food containers, and food preparation surfaces.

  • Cover stereos, computers, and all electronic devices.

  • Turn off and cover any aquariums.

  • Turn off all ignition sources such as gas pilot lights and other open flames.

  • Turn off all electrical appliances that cycle on and off (such as refrigerators and thermostats).

  • Turn off fans and air-conditioners.

  • Prepare to leave your apartment for a good three or four hours after fumigating.

  • Open windows to ventilate your apartment for at least a half-hour before you reoccupy it.

Be sure to check your fumigator's label for additional or more restrictive precautions than the ones listed above.

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