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Be Respectful When Approaching a Neighbor About a Problem


Talking to Neighbors

Talking to a neighbor about a problem can help resolve it.

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Too often, renters get disturbed by their neighbors. Whether it's loud music blaring from behind your bedroom wall, thumps resonating from above the ceiling, or cigarette smoke wafting its way through a vent, neighbors can interfere with your enjoyment of apartment living. If a neighbor repeatedly does something that annoys you, one way to handle the problem is to talk to the neighbor about it. But the only way this strategy will have a chance of working is if you approach your neighbor with respect. If you treat your neighbor like an enemy, you certainly can't expect a positive response.

If you're seething with anger at your neighbor's actions, make sure you've calmed down before you ring the neighbor's bell. When talking to your neighbor, don't jump to conclusions but give your neighbor the benefit of the doubt. For instance, if a neighbor's music or piano playing is bothering you, don't assume that the neighbor realizes the music is loud enough to bother you and doesn't care. Smile, be polite, and explain your situation honestly.

If your neighbor won't change his ways to accommodate you even after you've been respectful, then it's time to try a different strategy.

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