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Apartment Neighbor Basics


Whether you own or rent an apartment, chances are you've got neighbors living around you. Although neighbors can prove to be a big help, by looking after your apartment while you're on a trip, checking your mail, or even saving you from a fire, too often neighbors become the source of problems for apartment dwellers.

To avoid problems, it helps to know your options for dealing with neighbors and how you can prevent an unpleasant situation from getting worse. It's also important to do what you can to avoid inadvertently annoying a neighbor or becoming the object of a neighbor's wrath.

Here are some basics of dealing with apartment neighbors that can help you lower the chances of a dispute and enjoy your apartment living to the fullest:

1. Ideas for Dealing With a Bad Neighbor

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If you live in an apartment building with neighbors, chances are at some point a neighbor will do something that annoys you or that you think is wrong. If it's bad enough or goes on for too long, you'll probably want to take some action to put the neighbor's behavior to an end.

Instead of letting anger get the best of you, consider your options and their consequences, and then choose the route that looks to be the most effective without leading to greater problems for you.

If you've already experienced a problem with a neighbor, how did you try to resolve it? Share your story.

2. Approach Neighbors About Problems Effectively

Approaching neighbors
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If a neighbor is doing something that annoys you, you no doubt want your reaction to work. The best chance of this happening is to leave strong feelings and anger behind before you walk down the hall for a chat.

Talking to a neighbor isn't guaranteed to resolve a problem. But if you approach your neighbor with respect, your neighbor will be more likely to take you seriously and be reasonable.

3. Practice Neighbor-Friendly Entertaining

Apartment party
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If you're hosting a party or other gathering at your apartment, don't forget your neighbors. It doesn't take much effort to be considerate to your neighbors, and it can be a great way to maintain a respectful relationship with the people who live around you.

Here are a few tips to help you practice neighbor-friendly entertaining" in your apartment.

4. Get a Neighbor to Collect Your Mail

Neighbor getting mail
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Having a neighbor collect the mail while you're out of town may be a convenient option, especially if you don't have any roommates.

Instead of having your local post office hold your mail, a trustworthy neighbor can easily do it, and you touch base with the neighbor while you're away to learn about any important items you receive.

If you go this route, it's important to choose a neighbor who's, so you feel confident you'll get your all the mail that's delivered to you in your absence. Here are some tips.

5. Be a Neighbor-Friendly Apartment Pianist

Piano player
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If you thinking pianos and apartments don't mix well because you're bound to get complaints from neighbors, think again.

There are things you can do to enjoy piano in your apartment while being considerate to your neighbors. Keep a harmonious relationship with those around you by adopting neighborly considerations for apartment pianists.

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