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Issues With Security Deposits & Fees

Here are useful resources on how much of a security deposit you may owe and what you can do to get your deposit back. Plus, read tips on avoiding or minimizing fees when renting an apartment.

Apartment Security Deposit Laws by State
States have their own laws that say how much of a security deposit you must give, how long a landlord may take to return your deposit, and more.

What It Means to Get Your Apartment 'Broom Clean'
The term "broom clean" has become the standard real estate lingo for the condition in which a landlord should expect a tenant to leave her apartment. Read some guidance on what this term means.

Tenants' Rights in Foreclosures
If your landlord is headed for foreclosure, can you get your security deposit back? Find out how to protect yourself in this situation.

How to Rent an Apartment With Bad Credit
If your credit isn't good, expect to pay a higher security deposit.

The Security Deposit Element of a Real Estate Lease
Most leases require some sort of security deposit from the tenant to cover the possibility of non-payment of rent and damages to the property.

Be Secure With Your Security Deposit
Read tips from Realty Times about protecting your security deposit so that you get it back without a problem once your lease ends.

Spackle Holes in Apartment Walls Before Moveout

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