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Readers Respond: Dealing With Housing Discrimination

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Readers share their experiences about housing discrimination, including what happened, how they dealt with it, and what they learned that might lead them to act differently next time. Add your own!


I have lived in this apartment for 5 months and the landlord has told me that he would do a walk through and never has and doesn't fix anything. I got a hold of Oroville city code. And I'm disabled. And he still will not fix anything.
—Guest Anna Gibson

sharing is good.

Im ever so grateful to the folks that share. Helps the next one out. Im skipping ahead and considering LEGAL AIDE right away ! I m on hud and my son 15, walks to school from here. I entered a complaint and the young man twice told me it would be up to hreue week's before his boss called. IT STATES ON FRONT OF THIS WEB PAGE 10 DAYS AND. PERSON WILL CONTACT YOU! IS EVERYBODY FULL OF SHIT? CAN I NOT TRUST MY AMERICAN BORN RIGHTS!!!! THE LADY TORMENTING MYSELF AND KID IS NOT EVN FROM THIS COUNTRY!!!! I'M totally hiring A REAL LAWYER!! And my LOCAL OFFICE is Just as SHADY AS THE Largest one in Wa???? I have a GENUINE complaint!!!! I know my rights! People WANT HONEST TENANTS AND NOW DAYS its hard as hell to qualify!!! What about THE RESPONSIBILITY OF LANDLORD!!!! ????? DOES THIS NOT MATTER ANYMORE? I WILL HAVE A LAWYER TODAY. FOEGET THIS relying on HUD HAVING MY BACK
—Guest donna


We filed a HUD Fair Housing Complaint over 1,000 days ago. HUD totally bungled the investigation. HUD lost our complaint, declined it as not timely, and failed to consider our witnesses and evidence. The landlord's attorney submitted false witness testimony, a phony mold report, and a dummied policy change letter. HUD failed to look at our pictures which proved their witnesses' statements were false. HUD failed to contact our 27 witnesses and 8 key witnesses passed away. We had to hire our own private investigator to interview our remaining witnesses. HUD failed to accept our mold report and accepted the landlord's mold report that was free and from a closed company. HUD accepted the mold report afte the landlord's attorney hired the mold inspector when the company closed. They even refused the delivery of my wife's medication and refused two REASONABLE ACCOMODATION REQUESTS. Senator McCain has referred this mess to the OFFICE OF INSPECTOR GENERAL. My wife is dying due the toxic mold.

Housing Discrimination

I filed a housing discrimination complaint with the New Jersey Division On Civil Rights Law & Public Safety. I received a finding of No Probable Cause and case was closed. After reading findings I noticed that the investigator made a number of errors regarding my case. I then requested by phone to file appeal with agency. Investigator never return calls also tried to reach Housing Unit manger in Trenton, NJ she was on vacation. So I filed appeal in the Superior Courts of NJ. Motions were denied except waving of court fees. I'm now filing reconsideration of motion. Because motions were denied on the bases of filing appeal first with agency. Which I'm now told they don't do appeals I have to file with NJ Superior Courts. Hopefully since the agency don't do appeal the NJ Superior Court of appeal will grant my motions.
—Guest Bilal Whitest

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