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From the article: How to Break a Lease
Readers tell their story about how they broke (or tried to break) their apartment lease, whether they had to pay any penalties, and what they might do differently next time. Tell Your Story

church ?

Been renting for 3 yrs property from a church.they decided to sell.they have even parading folks thru my home for the let few months now.its me my wife and 2 kids.lease in ul in 2 months but we got lucky and found q place but have to move a month early.well even though church is selling and we have been highly cooperative with them.they still won't let us out of that last month rent.."church" folks mjnd you..wel wife and I have no choice but to break that lease or take a chance on being homeless in hotel in 2 months....comments please
—Guest Ray

injured on the job need to break lease

Recently I got injured on my job and I am currently unable to work... I have been approved for worker compensation, I have an attorney for my workers compensation case, the money that I will be receiving from workers compensation does not cover my current rent and other monthly expenses, therefore I am unable to maintain my apartment... can I get out of my lease for this reason... I have supporting documentation... I have my paper work from workers compensation and I am currently attending physical therapy...I want to inform my landlord regarding my situation and contact legal aid for assistance... is this the best step to do?
—Guest dee

bed bugs

I moved In evergreen realty apartments. 3 months. My 1 month I found one bed bug so they came in and said we didn't have bed bugs and now my apartment is invested. They are willing to spray my apartment but not the other five I'm my unit.I told them that is not going to kill them, the bugs are just going to run from apartment to apartment. I still have nine months left on the lease and I don't and wont live with any bugs. I already have to throw all of my furniture
—Guest trish

look at our view

nothing but victims in here - you signed a legal contract and you have all these excuses to break out. If legit, you could simply talk to your landlord who'd rather get someone who wants to be there, and could probably pay more easily. Instead everyone tries to burn the evil landlord who is simply trying to provide housing. Get over yourselves, or visit landlord in court!
—Guest landlord

Wake up

If your neighbors are loud & booming bass through your walls, your landlord won't fix it, the police won't fix it, & you're getting bad headaches... You need to wake the heck up. This isn't about a lease. You're a fly in a trap, and you just don't know it, Neo. Time to wake up. You have no clue what the big picture is. You cannot move away, it will follow you. I'll give you some advice, but I cannot tell all. Do Not Use Earplugs. Vaccum once a week wall to wall. Sleep in the woods or in your car. The reality of the situation is beyond your imagination. Do NOT seek vengeance in any way. Meditate. Wrap up in emergesee blankets, 2 or 3 layers, head to toe when sleeping... Use a loud fan... loud noise is your friend, but mix it up. God help you.
—Guest Jim Bob

Who's job is it?

My landlord does not maintain the outside of building...i raked the leaves in the fall and have shoveed snow from l the sidewalk otherwise it won't get done...i have fallen on the ice and have told him about it but no luck,I even offered to maintain the property for a rent decreas but he refused...now the area is dirty and i feel it's a health hazard.
—Guest curious

noisy neighbors in above apt

My upstairs neighbor is constantly walking around apt on the heels of her feet that makes a loud noise, and moving funiture around the apt floor, that is disturbing to my peace of mind.


This is Angela. I signed the leasing on March 2012 in a california apartment. now i want to move out but i still have 3 months of contract. the reason i want to move out is because 1, with 9 months of live there, 4 times toilet problem for use, 1 times the toilet leaking the water and make my bathroom all of water after i came back home. 2, ants all over the apartment since i move in until sep.2012. 3. washer and dryer are not working well in the laundry room. i claim once, but it still the same. 4. upstairs pipe broke, the water are in most of my apartment. i request to break the contract and leave without any penalty and fully deposit refund
—Guest Angela Ong

Living with mentally unstable mom

I have a mother who s mentally unstable. She has a counselor, therapist, psychiatrist. I always try to calm her but I've been stressed trying to watch her and myself. She runs in and out paranoid. She hears people saying things, wanting to do things to us. She's paranoid for a whole day til she feels sleepy, but when she wakes, she wakes me. Begging me to come outside before something happens to us. I've played along ling enough. And I want a normal life. I'm 21. My name is on the lease and I have guests who are not welcome because she hears them saying things about her. Police have been called many times. They say get a petition but no one in the family will help. She gets angry and sometimes starts things with me or thinks I say things. No one will help in this besides my friends. I can't get sleep much. And she won't leave me be in this house alone. What to do?
—Guest opal1991

How to get out of this mess!

I just moved in a condo, I wasn't given any HOA rules, I have very small dogs, I get a letter from HOA saying I'm in violatin of rules of property and I have 10 days to get rid of one dog! My mgt company says that the owner of the unit only wants one pet! Im not giving up my pets! Should I break my lease and go to court? If I would have known that their was a pet limit I would have never moved in, also I still do t have rules from HOA to this day!!!
—Guest Fran

can i break the lease

i moved in tis apt and the third day she started to come over and tell me i cant park there and i have a balcony and i still had stuff on therefrom moving and she told me to put it inside cause it makes it looks sloppy then i had a mop n bucket out on the balcony i had just washed the floors she told me to get it off cause it might rot her wood then i had someone come over not less then five min she was telling that person he cant park there its an on going harressment of i cant do this or that . my two kids live with me and their friends came over already at my door she doesnt want people hanging out cause its a quiet town in which i told my kids not more then 2 friends over then she bothers me at work calling me 3x cause i dont answer for nobody unless its an emergency and my son texts me saying the landlord is waiting outside for you till you get home ive only been here 2 months and i dont bother nobody here at all its a 4 apt complex , 1 is empty and 2 of us only have cars
—Guest debbiesavino

Making me find a subleaser

I'm trying to break my lease, there is a break lease fee which doesn't bother me, but in the lease there's a clause saying that i'm responsible for finding a subleaser. Im leaving the state and my lease didn't start yet. Is there any way around this subleaser problem?
—Guest Derek Romano


I just moved into my apartment about a month ago, with my boyfriend and my son and I have just recently found out that there is a child molester in my apartment comples, I recieved no notification about this or was I warned before I moved in and was wondering if that was grounds for breaking a lease? Or do they not have to tell us, because I feel that that information should have been given to me before I moved in.
—Guest Nicole

Annoying child

I am an hadicapped single 81 years old woman living downstairs in a big complex. Six months ago a family with young children moved above my apt. Their three years old child runs back and forth constantly. It is like living under a racing track. I can't stand it anymore. The parents have been told to stop their child from running, but they don't. My blood pressure is way hight and I am under lots of stress. My father died at 39 of a heart attack, and my mother died of a stroke. It will happen to me if I stay here. Is it a good reason to break my least on which I have nine more months to to,

Noise nuisance

I am 81 years old and handicapped. I am living on the first floor of a big apt. complex. The apt. above mine has been a source of trouble since I moved there. First it was two women were evicted because of domestic problems. Then a mentally handicaped person was allowed to move in, and eventually he took in to hide some guys the law was after. One of them was pulled out by the authorities in his underwears screaming and dragged downstairs. The tenant was evicted. Then, a family with a young child took the place. It is the young child who gives me never ending stress. He runs back and forth without stopping for long periods of time. It must be a very thin ceiling, the noise is unbearable. I asked the manager to do something about it. She called the mother and even sent her a letter, but it wont stop. The is no rest for me, my blood pressure is way high, and my father died at 39 of a heart attack and my mother dies of a stroke, I feel that it is about to happen to me. Can I move out?

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