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Readers Respond: Breaking Your Lease

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From the article: How to Break a Lease
Readers tell their story about how they broke (or tried to break) their apartment lease, whether they had to pay any penalties, and what they might do differently next time.

Breaking my Lease

My son is graduating from high school and has been pursuing going to college. On March 29th, he was denied acceptance but could appeal. On April 4th, my Lanlord presented me with a new lease affective May 1st. I signed it sameday thinking my son's appeal would be rejected. On April 29th, he ended up being accepted. On April 30th, I emailed the Landlord that my May rent would be late because I had to pay for my son's college intent / deposit. Paid on the 9th. On May 22 (22 days into the new lease), I emailed the Landlord stating I could not afford living there anymore because of this new financial circumstance / committment. The Landlord is refussing to let me out of the lease. What are my legal right and/or my options?
—Guest Topgun

forgot to add

several ppl hv told me a dr's letter will do it w/any legitimate prop mgt corp, plus when I bought a home I just went in told them what can I do hv to go into it now, you never know when one is built exact date, they were totally nice, just let me pay for wks still there until moved. This place in now they have let ppl w/dr's letters just go (asthma, bed bugs, etc. showers not tubs, whatever you can come up with, think) & at the most esp when it was end lease b/a few mo's, let them pay $100 when they had "a very good reason." Best is get a dr's note that you must leave.

breaking lease

something I haven't seen is that the landlord has a duty to re-rent & use due diligence to re-rent they can't just have you paying 11 mo's on a 12 mo lease when someone moves into it you are off the hook. Plus keep written, detailed in a notebook incidents dates/times/actions/ppl if there are bed bugs it is a legal reason to leave, rodents, roof leaking, no heat or a/c, document it & call Legal Aid if they won't let u out of lease. It's almost impossible to hv a new place wait 2 mo's which is what apts trying 2 require 2 move we all end up having 2 pay 4 mo's rent most ppl can't do that. When you get a decent new place, & look a few mo's before lease up, be flattering, always works, humble, and explain w/good reasons why u need their help show them bites, show them pics rats, bad plumbing whatever it is & u hv 2 go

Attempted Burglary

I've been staying in my current home, alone, since Feb., 2014. Since I've been living there someone has tried breaking into my home numerous times. The most recent time, my car was parked directly in front of my home with lights on inside, but that didn't stop them. I've filed two police reports and they've taken prints, photos, etc. I always feel unsafe when home and can count on both hands and feet how many times I've stayed home, never staying alone. I've notified my landlord, and asked if I could possibly move into another home they have for rent with no penalty. First, there was no empathy on their behalf. Secondly, I was told if I break the lease, i'll owe rent for the remainder of the year, I won't be able to rent from any other company, and it will go on my credit? All while wearing a snug little smirk. I feel trapped. ANY HELP/ADVICE??
—Guest Jacynda

Or try a market based solution

If all else fails, you can try a market based solution whereby someone can take over the remainder of your lease. A couple of sites like www.ApartmentLeaseDepot.com and www.StuckinaContract.com offer a potential solutions.
—Guest chris777


Have a 13 month lease live on the third floor. I have been in the apt. for 7 months, went to the doctor and she wrote a note regarding my health issues with the steps and needing some assistances. I have been diagnose with rare disease with my lungs. Can I get out of my lease I am on long term disability from my job of 27 years going thru the process of social security disability as well.
—Guest Guest Jack

A lease is a lease

As unfair as this all is, a lease is a legal binding contract. Mold or some type of serious infestation would really be the only way you could legally break a lease. Unless of course your landlord/property manager doesn't comply with the terms set forth for them in the lease. A lot of times landlords don't want to go to court (bad publicity). So you'd be best off finding someone to take over your lease (sub-letting is the best option).
—Guest Renters are the minority

2 sides to every story

There are legit complaints and then there are just plain stupid people, landlords and renters alike. if you leave your window open for your cat and then complain that the heating or A/C bill is excessive, you are a stupid renter. If you won't address a bug infestation or noise or criminal issue then you are a stupid landlord. Before you rent look up your state laws and know your rights. Understand that a lease is a legally binding contract and make sure you understand what is in the contract. Check the sex offender list, though I have to say, if you have children, you can probably get out of the lease, especially if the landlord knew about the sex offender. Of course, maybe he didn't or maybe he is legally bound to not disclose that information, that may depend on your state and crazy stupid privacy laws. Buyer beware! There exists in the world both evil and good, seek the good, avoid the evil or endure it until the lease runs out and then leave.....quickly!
—Guest wrongfinger

no parking

my wife moved in to an apartment with no parking band on my street from 8am to 10.00am I work at night and on the other streets all homes have drive ways so I get parking fines for 60dollars plus pay 1100.00
—Guest ross j

Infested with Roaches

My family and I moved in this Apartment on January 17.. The day we moved in I told my manager that it was infested with major Roaches problem.. I've got 4kids.. And the roaches crawl over my kids at night.. My oldest is getting bit by something in her room.. I have called code enforcement.. And a lawyer.. Please help me.. Idk what to do..
—Guest Karen

Poor maintenance/management

We moved into our apartment 3 1/2 years ago (4 1/2 mo left on our lease) and have been faithful tenants. We had a water leak in the kitchen causing water to leak into the apt. below and flood her light and cupboards. When we reported, they told me not to use my kitchen b/c they didn't want to come out on a Sat. night and look at it, when they had just been there less than a week prior b/c it was leaking then as well, and probably 5-6 other times over the past 6 mo. They refuse to pull the light socket and check for damage and mold in the apartment below and they did not fix my water lines, I called a plumber to come in b/c we couldn't go without water for 2 days. Also, they cut the wires to our relay switch on our furnace and the floor under our toilet is rotting out and the toilet wobbles no matter how tight it is. We have contacted the city prop. mgmt. team but it didn't do us any good. Thoughts on getting out of the lease?
—Guest Unhappy Renter

help me get out

I signed a lease and it ends July 31st but I want out now! The rent is very high in this part of town and one of my roommates is a pain in the back ...it doesn't have a "get out of lease" clause is there any hope for me ..also there are animals in the floor the climb under my floor up my wall and into the ceiling Idk Wat it is but its under the house and inside the walls creepy!
—Guest howlingwolf

getting out of a rent release early

I have a friend who is in an agreement with her ex boyfriend to lease an apartment together.The relationship turned sour and the boyfriend decided to return to his Province of Birth.My friend is on a very low income and there is no way she can carry the full load.She has emotional issues because of it..She needs to get out of the lease without penalty. Plase can you help her. Thankyou
—Guest Cindy Clarke

worst landlord

I have been living in my landlords property for 4 months now and ever since I have been living there its been problems with the landlord, my roommates and the neighbors .. first to start off my landlord is horrible everytime its a problem he take weeks to fix it and today I was locked out the house stuck in the cold and rain .. so when I called him he told me that he wasn't coming out to let me in and I called my roommates numerous amount of times and neither one of them answered and didn't make an attempt to see if I got in the house or anything .. second since I moved in there my landlord never said anything about tenants having to pay utilities and he sent me a text saying that I had to pay 98 dollars for the electric bill which is in his name that was due in September and I was just told about it in November .. second my roommates is childish I just recently got a cat and now the cat and one of them was having a problem with it and now its missing
—Guest bbrown_55

help question

2 people share a house, both are on the lease. 1yr goes by and the lease expires and one of the tenants moves out at terms end and returns 3yrs later are they bound by the 1yr lease and they did not sign a new lease. please site case law decisions.
—Guest Robert

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