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Readers Respond: Dealing With Difficult Neighbors

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Horrible Neighbors

have my own home on a corner lot, but "Habitat for Humanity" built 4 homes across from me. Of course, the worst of the homes is across from me. It is totally destroyed -the lazy mother doesn't work and neglects her 3 kids-also she lets low life people stay at her home for months a time-Presently, they have a car that doesn't run and filled with supplies that is parked across from my driveway-I have notified the proper authorities, but apparently the key to the car is missing!!!!Meanwhile, the neighbor has become increasingly disinterested in resolving the matter and has a bully like mentality!! This neighbor hood has deteriorated so much since the "Habitat" homes were built!!!
—Guest CB

Inconsiderate neighbours

Our neighbours are inconsiderate a-holes. Everything was great and civil until the father died, then straight away the daughter starts having parties every night. We wouldnt care or even notice if they had the gatherings inside the house, but they always have them in the backyard and the noise of them screaming and laughing all nite comes straight into our house. We cant even hear our tv. My husband and I both work and we have young kids. We need our sleep. We have tried talking to them about it but the daughter thinks its a joke. She doesn't care. She doesn't work or go to university. We are waiting for the day she finds somewhere else to live or something else to do apart from upsetting us and the other neighbours. The police have been called but they say there isn't much they can do and they have more important obligations. I am at a loss as to what we can do. I keep thinking other people are worse off, etc. but I just want to leave. It is so stressful and we shouldn't be forced out
—Guest Exhausted


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—Guest URIOApxRLqgTK

psychotic middle aged woman and more

this crazy lady mind you shes like half my age started becoming obssesed with me. ever since i moved in she started throwing her garbage right outside my door. she and her horrible daughters banging on my wall yelling bitch and the lady straight up stealing my mail. situation got so bad i called the cops i have problems with all neighbors except one this is a 12 apt building so they alll pretty much follow me anywhere i go to my daughter check my windows see if im home my peep hole on door as well so what i had to do is block off all windows with black garbage bags taped to windows and a small piece of paper tapped to peephole which if necessary i can flip to see who is at the door hoefully i can move away to another place **fingers crosssed**
—Guest arapanocha

Nightmare Neighbors From Hell!

I have these nightmare neighbors living next door and below me. I live on a block of duplexes that are connected and have paper thin walls. About almost 2 years ago a familyof 2 adults and 4 kids moved into the duplex next door and right on the otherside of my bedroom wall. The walls are paper thin and all Ive been dealing with are the kids running jumping and banging until atleast 11:30 pm on some nights. The parents have also been neglecting their kids and let them do what they want driving the rest of us crazy. The landlord is a deadbeat and we can only call DHS and the police so many times, they do nothing! IM not looking for another place to live, but you can bet Im suing eveyone of them when I move out, thank God for cameras that record everything, theyre screwed!
—Guest Sickofit

Constant fear of Neighbor

On weekends, my neighbors daughter has friends come over, well it was all okay till they started to come onto my porch, throw balls at my car, look into car window and try to open my car door. Have talked to the mother and she claimed I was being racist and nit picking, so she turned out to be a dead to my concerns with her daughter and friend. She says if they said they didn't do it then they didn't do it. I have witnessed this first hand and have even gone to the lengths to put up cameras just to protect my property and family. I have called the police and they said I have the right to protect my property and to let them know to stay away from it, which I did, and if they didn't to contact them to handle it. That has not seemed to phase them one bit, the kids continue as if they have done nothing wrong. W are scared to leave and to return with something broken or messed with. I have tried to resolved it all only to be ridiculed by them. Please let me know what else to do. Lisasaenz
—Guest Anxiety76

Eggshells and Broomsticks

I live on the 3rd (top) floor of an awesome complex building with elevators, huge balconies, and an indoor parking garage...I am NOT moving anytime soon. This being said, my neighbor downstairs had been just someone living below me from June to January, we didn't know each other and I had instructed my now ex boyfriend to stop stomping when we first moved in. No problems. Now, this woman beats on the ceiling and the walls when I walk, sorry tip toe, the 3 feet from my bed to my bathroom. She calls weekly to complain about how loud I am at all hours, mind you I work and go to school full-time AND stay with my bf at least 2-3 nights a week. I feel completely stressed out in my own home and there doesn't seem to be much the management can or will do about her constant unfounded complaining. I haven't felt comfortable at home since then. I did respond with a loud stomp of my own after the 400th bang on the ceiling the other day...I haven't heard from her since.
—Guest Christine

The heard Above us

We live in a nicer place , we thought. Just after we moved in a family with 2 small childern moved in above us. We do not hear the parents, the TV, the Dog, or the Radio, But we do hear is what sounds like a heard of water buffalo running and jumping all day and most nights until 12: maybe as late as 2 am most every night. We call on them and they just get louder after the security leave and we are told to call JSO when we call back. But JSO said its a landlord thing and will not come out.So All we can do is give a wrighten notice of entent to move to our landlord, and hope they don't inforce the lease.
—Guest NEWCA11

Sensitive down stair neighbor

Me my fionce and my 1 year old daughter just moved to our new apartment. We haven even been here a month. My fionce just had surgery the 3ed day after we moved her for a hernian repair. So his mom came over to help me out with him. She brought over he 3 grandchildren witch I didn't want in the first place bcs I knew my neighbor was sensitive. The kids never listen. So he called the cops bcs of the noise I understood I would be mad too if I heard kids jumping and running all night. I didn't say anything to my mother in law bcs I was afride I would afend her if I said it the wrong way. But I did tell my fionce to talk to his mother that his sister can take care of her own kids and to not bring them over unless they came in the day and they visit not sleep over. Anyways besides that when ever I have visitors they walk hard and let there kids run around and don't listen to me the first time when I say them the guy down stairs is sensitive to every sound he hears! I really don't want any ov
—Guest Alicia s

Door slammers

Our ghetto lower level neighbors slam their front door at all hours, day and night. Friends come and go.. SLAM! SLAM! SLAM! Our walls shake when they do this. We tried each approach listed, starting with nicely asking, and he nicely said he'd stop. Only, he didn't. So we complained to landlord. My tire was relieved of its air (valve stem cover was clean), hubby's car was spit on, cigarette butts started showing up on our entry walkway. Yelling ensued downstairs so we called the cops. Yesterday hubby and neighbor (who lives with his mommy) had words over the door slamming at 6am. Later in the day we went out, and upon our return were practically accosted by his mommy who was irate and hostile. ALL WE WANT IS FOR THEM TO QUIT SLAMMING THE DOOR. However, I'm afraid it's gone beyond that. We have to move whether we keep or deposit or not. I'm truly afraid my husband might seriously harm this kid, and they aren't worth it.
—Guest Julie

What an ordeal

For 11 years, my neighbor tries to get under my skin. She calls the police for noise, dogs, and speeding in the circle. She's called about bird poop on her vehicle and says I put something on her car. She yells at children playing in the circle and calls police about cars parked out there. I've had it with her.
—Guest Veronica

complans from neighbor

i have a few complans from neighbor about child noise i have to restrict my child in every things even flash toilet
—Guest mila


I share a wall that is like paper with my neighbor. Since he moved in he has turned the place into a flop house for recent immigrant young people. Coming and going at all hours, cars parked under the window. Video games loud enough to shake the walls. After I talk to him he is OK for a day then back to the usual. I tried blasting my stereo too which didn't bother them a bit. The Apt. manager gets kick backs from the tenants for allowing the exceedance of occupancy limits. Aah, apartment life.
—Guest sleepless

Measures Towards Equilibrium

While it is unfair for a noise victim to have to cut herself - or himself - off from the relative peace of normal everyday background sounds, some of you need to consider doing just that in order to escape from the less pleasant: Buy one of several products in CD form which, played on continuous mode, will block out low-frequency garbage from the targeted direction of your speakers. You could also buy those gel-filled headphones (claims are that they will attenuate the most intrusive and obnoxious of low-frequency crap). Advertise for an apartment exchange - based on the vermin's habits, advertise for someone having similar problems - but who is awake when "your" vermin are trying to sleep, and vice/versa - and offer to exchange dwellings with them for a week or so...or periodically. If cockroaches can be retrained, you're in luck!!!
—Guest benignbullet


My neighbor is nuts..she's been complaining that her side of the duplex smells like sewage for months. They've been down in the crawlspace (on my side) 4 times in the last 2 months and they can't find anything. No one else smells anything!! I think she just craves the attention...
—Guest Guest

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Dealing With Difficult Neighbors

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