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Readers Respond: Dealing With Difficult Neighbors

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Readers tell their story about how they dealt with a difficult neighbor, resolved disputes, and what they might do differently next time. Add your own!

neighbour harrassment

This person told me last week that she was going to murder me,myself and two children do not bother.we are quiet but because we dont talk to them ,basically making my bloody life a misery,loud music day in day out,calling me names ouside my door,with her neighnour freinds,she seems to be jealous of me i cant think of anything that would cause her to be like this,oh by the way she taking drugs some dealer in my street,and last of all,she got her one yr old,in her arms when she threatings me,should i report .what this mother is doing,my housing officer involved,bur the music she has it on from 6pm till 12pm.it vibrates through my house,i would never let her know but i find myself crying and my nerves really bad,she is a mentally disturbed person in my eyes surely this child cannot be safe what do you think,oh yeah i found out what hell is like,i am living in bloody hell on earth right now .thanks for letting me moan,i wish you knew me i would not hurt anyone i just dont understand
—Guest jane

Oh the SMELL

The tenant 2 floors below me is a hoarder. To the point that no one can actually LIVE in the apartment, a burst pipe over the winter created an amazing mold habitat. Now the overwhelming STENCH from the apartment is, literally, nauseating. But the apartment management co. says they can evict because they pay their rent. Suggestions? I am seriously getting ill...
—Guest Arlene

renting neighbors dogs and clueless

My neighbors are renters and they do not give a rats behind about anything around them but themselves. they have three dogs that run around unleashed and think because they are smaller dogs the leash city laws do not matter. their dog chases me when I walk my dog that is on a leash, he yells at his dog SUPER load and makes a scene while trying to catch his dog chasing my dog..this has happened over the last 4 to 5 years and I live in an association that has no one representative that lives in the area because they rent their units to renters.. depreciation of property is what happens when people rent their townhomes out..I have told my association and they cannot do anything - I do not get it , nothing makes sense, their property is going down the tubes and they just do not see it....
—Guest toebe lynn

Herd of minions

I live in a duplex with what seem to be paper thin walls. My cool neighbors moved out, and in no less than two weeks a family of neighbors from hell moved in. The kids run around until all hours of the night (1am some nights), they have trashed their side of the front (so the place now looks like a dump), their backyard is a complete mess with all of the screens off the windows and trash bags being stored back there. They didn't have garbage service for 3 months and were storing bags of garbage in their garage (yuck!). I really don't give two shits about how clean their house is, all I really care about is being able to go to sleep and go to work well rested. My bedroom shares a n entire wall with theirs, and that is where their children "sleep". I'm going to end up moving to the other side of the house and putting my kids in that room, they can sleep through anything! To bad for ignorant and inconsiderate people, their bad karma, not mine.
—Guest exhausted

trying to be understanding

I live with my husband and three kids in an apartment. We have lived here for the past three years. A year ago a middle aged woman and her mother moved in below us. We instantly started having issues. If the kids ran in the apartment she'd bang in the ceiling, I vacuumed my apartment at 715pm abs she followed me bashing on the ceiling with a broom. Property management asked her to stop, her mother asked her to stop, and her mother moved out within 2 months. Property management will not renew her lease. We've done everything to try and be accommodating, we don't vacuum after 7, do laundry after 7, we keep our dog in the kennel until she leaves for work in the morning. The issues with her just keep escalating, my kids are young 6 and 8 they like to play, and yes sometimes they run, we admonish them when they do this. It had gotten to the point where she's banging at all hours of the day 1130am, 130pm, 530pm, 65 pm if the kids run, or the dogs run, she also has started comin
—Guest callie

Can't deal with it anymore!

I moved in to my apt. 2-1/2 mon. ago, noticed heavy foot stomping, furniture dragging, heavy dropping noises, etc. right away. Talked to management twice, they supposedly "talked" to the tenant (a young woman). The noise continued and I figured out it's her boyfriend who makes most of the noise, and he's not on the lease! So he lives there illegally but mgmt. said they can't "prove it" so there's nothing they can do. I went to them a third time last week and they said they gave the tenant a letter saying they are breaking noise policy and I (the disturbed neighbor) have a right to now call the police. Mgmt. said it's out of their hands now, there's nothing more they can do. But the loud thumping and stomping continues. I'm at my wit's end. I have to wear ear plugs to do homework, listen to music, it's not fair! They were noisy from 8:30pm to now, 11:30pm. Not many pay attention to the "quiet hours" of 10pm to 8am. I don't know what else to do. It's affecting my health.
—Guest DealingWithRudeNeighbor

clothes dryer

he apts. clothes dryer is located one floor below me, and across from me. Yes, it is that loud. Some one has been using it at11pm and at12pm.How do I approach my landlord without being a complainer?
—Guest Pam

neighbours harassment

i tried reason i tried talking nice and even getting angry this horrible women name angie and pam always say my family noisy i admit we open doors and walk but we don;t jump about like parade of elephants like they are angie drinks and has dealings with law she back with guy tried to kill her im seething she brought him to where we live now my family and are scared for our lives another is they constantly complain all the time when they make noise twice loud we don't i phone police they did jack all i am at my last raw my nerve my mum is mentally ill im stressed out they own half house we renting private flat they think they to do as they damn well please and be rude and bully me i have disability try to keep noise down they have television on 23:17pm last night 1;34am i swear they don;t piss off move else were im going to murder the lot them im sick being bullied and they are threat to me and my family im worried this guy going to try threaten me and my family im so stressed fedup
—Guest gemma

neighbors are drug dealers

cops have been involved, feel like im imprison in my apt. I have depression issues. im on hud.
—Guest lisa

Neighbors broke into my house

My father asked me to take a photograph of my own door and when I took a photo of it, my neighbors broke into my house and stole photos from my personal Sony camera in the middle of the night. They also collected private data about me and handed it all over to the cops after our society here in India allowed them to do so.
—Guest anonymous

Low life upstairs neighbors

I have low life upstairs neighbors, seems like random ppl always coming over with their kids, and the noise is nonstop. One time I went up there and asked if everything was ok, guy said he was doing insanity workout. I just stared at him for like 3 seconds. You're doing insanity in an upstairs apartment at 7pm? It sounded like they were playing the drums on the floor. Other times its just kids jumping around, being neglected by their loser parents. We have started beating the ceiling with bat, and slamming our door as loud as possible when we leave for work early in the morning. Ahh... Apartment life...
—Guest Phoenix27


I live in ground floor flat first 6months fine then the man above starts dropping heavy metal objects on the floor now and again . Iam in mixed marriage and my wife had suffered racial abuse from his friend plus he has a staffi dog upstairs plus his dog Sometimes his daughter stays up there with tv on 3.30am Sometimes in the last 16 months we can go for periods 4weeks were it's quite or he stays somewhere else but he is just planning his next move. I think they are drug dealers but carnt prove. My housing has done the usual logging everything this I've done three times over six months the police know about the racial abuse and recored it plus I recored it in my phone . My wife is recovering from cancer and knee operation and her health has got worse so she been forced to stay with family abroad . Iam in my own but last week had a breakdown because of the noise upstairs he got me to a safe place my parents but Iam still unhappy as this is only short term just don't know what to do ?
—Guest Big

accused with noise while sex

I got a letter from my neighbour that i make too much noise while i am having sex.
—Guest momi

Tired Of Miserable Neighbors

I have been in my apt. For 9 months and this old man neighbor keeps following me and my boyfriend around the house, we use the bathroom or shower, he flushes or keep turning the water off and on. When we walk Out he will walk out his door or when we come in so does he. He does not work and will not leave his house until we do. He is a Stalker and I have mentioned that to him when I caught him leaving out at 6am when I leave out to go to or from his car and stay inside. I want to know my rights. I am not comfortable doing the woopie fingers as in Mr. Roper From Three's Company, lol
—Guest Annoyed Thin

enough is enough

My neighbor who WAS the pastor at the jail,(he was caught taking hand cuff key and brass knuckles in), anyway he runs a bunch of young drug addict jail birds, has continually broken into my mobile home. I got cameras hw cut cords. I now have him on audio tape and I believe ut is a matter if time before him his step son n law wife and grandson go to jail. Since my husband died in a fire in,April he has started 4 firws. Cops in tulsa don't much care as they would lose a snitch. I am mad and am going to legally take him down.
—Guest enough

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